Product Range:1xxx,2xxx,3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,7xxx,8xxx Aluminum and its alloy plate, sheet, strip, foil, profile, tube, rod and bar, forging, die cast, wire for welding, circle for cable, disk, mirror plate, colored coating plate, curtain wall board, contour plate, corrugated plate, tread plate, pre-stretched wide plate, access platform for water power station etc.

Product Application

Outstanding performance and extensive application Aluminum Products provided by Chongqing Al-plus could not be substituted by any other materials.
Chongqing Al-plus Aluminum Material Co.Ltd. mainly can provide 6 series of leading products used in the field of aviation and aerospace, communication and transportation, packaging, printing, electronics and electric home appliance, architecture and decoration.

Aviation and Aerospace
•  The high-grade precise aluminium products for the China's aviation and aerospace industry
•  The precise aviation die forgings and forging stocks were approved by Boeing company, U.S.A


Communication and Transportation
•  Capable of offering various kinds of aluminum alloy material for automotive on every side.
•  The large porous profiles for metro and light rail have filled a vacancy domestically, thus it satisfied the requirement of localization of metro system.
•  Acquired ratification certificate for marine products from the China Ship's Classification Society

•  Offer can stocks for all-aluminium pop-top can, and stocks for superior quality bottle lids.
•  3004 can body stock, 8011 anti-fake lid stock are awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product of Chongqing"

•   Aluminium lithographic support material provides a strong sustaining for this renovation in printing industry.
•  The product quality plays a leading role domestically, annual output are being increased year by year with market share being extended gradually.
•  PS support material (lithographic sheet) is awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product of Chongqing"

Building and Construction
•  Due to fine corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding property, aluminium alloys are widespread applied.
•  Entitled as "Satisfactory Product" by the Client Committee of China Consumer Association
•  The recommended product by the China Architectural Decoration and Fitting Association
•  Famous Brand Product of Chongqing

Consumer Electronics
•  Aluminium foil for air-conditioner has good property of deep drawing with high strength and elongation, which has reached the standard of similar imported products.
•  Superior aluminum sheets are applied for well-known laptop and mobile phone manufactures.
•  The Al foil for high performance electrolytic capacitor has been filling a vacancy domestically in China, the integrated quality of products have been approaching or reaching to the world advanced level of similar products. Entitled as "Famous Brand Product of Chongqing"
•  Entitled "Excellent Sub-supplier" by the Kelong Group, and "Designated Incorporating Supplier" by the Meide Group
•  The Al alloy sheets for washing machine have won the prize of National Gold Medal.